Mindfulness means being aware and in our Mindfulness books you can learn

That Mindfulness is how you want to be in the world and a way of seeing and living following the books advice and you will discover,
how mental strength through mindfulness allows you to master demanding situations without losing your overview and self-control.
Mindfulness enables you to think positively, with clarity and peace of mind, even in stressful situations.

How about training the mind?

Many people have daily or weekly training routines and train their physical bodies through fitness, running, or other activities.
But what about mental strength training and training the mind?
You can find even more answers in our Mindfulness  books.
For many years meditation has been the way forward, but only some have found the time and calm to meditate.

But in recent years, another form of mental training has emerged.
Namely mindfulness.

There are many positive effects of mindfulness:

  • to achieve a more fabulous presence with yourself
  • to achieve a greater company with others
  • to increase your awareness
  • to achieve greater joy in life

Mindfulness strengthens your ability to:

  • Changing from a negative feeling to a positive feeling
  • Dealing with everyday life without being stressed
  • You can bring yourself and your mind into a favorable situation when required.
  • That you can handle crises and adversity when life demands it.

Read Mindfulness books, which describes mindfulness as a philosophy based on awareness, attention and presence.





Calm mind
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Calm mind
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