What is cardio?

Cardio books can give you a longer answer.

But cardio training is fitness training that strengthens your circulation and heart.
It can be many different things, but it all boils down to improving your health and fitness.
There are many different ways you can do cardio workout, and it can be done with or without equipment.

You can do it at the gym, home, or even outdoors.
The important thing is to find a method that you enjoy and that works best for yourself.
Some people prefer to do cardio in a short burst, while others like to sustain a moderate pace for extended periods.

There is no wrong way to do cardio, as long as you get your heart rate up and work hard.
If you are new to fitnes exercises and workouts, or have any health concerns, be sure to get your own doctors opinion before you start a new workout routine.
Once you have the all-clear, get out there and start moving!

Cardiotraining is an excellent fitness way to improve your overall health and mental levels.

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